Sri N. R. Murali, Deputy Commissioner, KVS, RO, Kolkata
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Dear Teachers of English,

It is an open secret to share with you that teaching is the noblest profession which teaches us the nuances of life. Nobility of thought and vision are the key components to empower a teacher to live in the 21ST century and to help the society to reach its goals. Best minds of our society must inculcate good habits, creative skills, rejuvenated spirit and imagination among children. It is apparent to note that this blog will empower the teachers of English to walk a few steps ahead and explore the creative enigma of teaching a language. PowerPoint presentations, videos, crossword puzzles, model answers, value based questions, thought provoking and motivational messages & speeches will help you all to empower yourselves.  ..........more


5 Secrets of effective homework assignments:
Homework is a good teaching tool. In order to be used effectively you need to make sure it   ..........more

Guidance & counselling for school students: In the present age of information technology and globalization, .......... morewhat is the best stream after 10th class 600x480 

15 Characteristics of a teacher of 21st Century :
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